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‘Living in Big Blues Shadow’
As the Department of Justice gets further along with its investigation into how IBM maintains its dominance of the mainframe market, Lacy Edwards is certainly someone it will want to talk to. Mr Edwards is the boss of Neon Enterprise Software, a small Texas company that is trying to make a living around the edges of the mainframe business.
Client: NEON Enterprise Software; written by Richard Waters of The Financial Times.
‘Plan For The Future By Optimising Your It Infrastructure’
Microsoft recently put its Infrastructure Optimisation tool online. IT directors and managers have been emailed details of how to access and complete it. But is it worth doing? Graham Jarvis looks at one trust’s experience...
Client: Microsoft
Work-Life Balance: Can Technology Help You To Achieve This?
Is your life dominated by work? It's time perhaps to create a better work-life balance. Just think how much more you could be achieving in both your professional and personal life.
Client: British Telecom
Copywriting Projects

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Secret service
It’s all very well being able to talk to your agents — but what about giving them the chance to talk too? The importance of hearing what your staff have to say should never be underestimated, argues Graham Jarvis in Call Centre Focus magazine.

Client: Milner Curtis Ltd (MC2)
'Thrive in a downturn with effective targeting' - View the current economic climate as an opportunity! Graham Jarvis explains how investment in staff and customers can allow firms to thrive in a downturn by first re-assessing operational and customer-focused targets to fully reap the benefits.
Client: Milner Curtis Ltd (MC2)
Supporting The Nottingham Trent University Alumni

Inset (top right) photograph published courtesy of NTU Alumni
‘Father Of The Internet’ Forecasts Mobile Future
Netimperative - Dr. Lawrence Roberts, a co-founder of ARPANET, the predecessor of today’s internet, recently spoke at a conference on how the Internet will look in 10 years time.  
Client: British Institute of Technology and e-Commerce
Ask Your Staff: They’ll Know The Answers
Human Capital Management magazine, January 09. Your staff can help you to solve business and performance issues you might not have even thought about. They’ll be also more engaged as a result. Graham Jarvis explains.

Client: Milner Curtis Ltd (MC2)
Case Study: Come And Book Online, It’s Worth It!
Ferry companies have found it hard to compete against low cost airlines and Eurostar, in addition to this the rise in the cost of fuel has proved to be problematic for the industry too. Shopping trips to the continent have continued to drop following the demise of duty free shopping.

Client: Goss Interactive.
Downturn: Survival of the fittest or the smartest? A recession presents an opportunity to re-look at how marketing should work. So in this whitepaper we ask: will the fittest or the smartest companies survive?

Client: ThinkSmartMarketing
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