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Media-Insert: Copywriting Services

This service is for you if you are looking for articles for your email marketing newsletters, corporate or customer-facing websites, blog and social media postings, whitepapers, case studies and other kinds of written P.R. and other kinds of Marketing collateral.

Copywriting, corporate journalism and publishing can be provided as a wider Public Relations campaign package or as a standalone service, depending on your requirements and needs.  Our teams can also manage corporation website, email and magazine content on your behalf.

Contact us to find out more.

Samples of Our Copywriting Work

The following are some samples of the work that we have produced for our clients. They do not represent out complete and extensive copywriting portfolio, but they offer you an idea of what we can do for your company.

Naked Email achieves an average open rate of 58%

As you know we like to bare all, showing you that we practice what we preach in email marketing. That's why we are keen to share our success, and to reveal where we feel we could still improve.

After 3 issues Email-Worx has an average unique open and click rate of 58% and 27% respectively and we are very proud that we appear to be providing value to our subscribers. However we still feel that there is room for improvement, but where do we start? That is a difficult question if all we look at are the average open and click rates and highlights the limitations of basic metrics.

Read more here (PDF)
Client: AlchemyWorx

Customer Relationship Management

This month’s chosen question has been answered by Microsoft’s Jason Nash, Senior Product Solutions Marketing Manager (UK). Jason has over 15 years experience in the IT industry, working for large and small organisation with over 6 years of CRM experience.

Read more here
Client Project for Microsoft.

Hosting: develop enterprise efficiency and agility

The strategic obligation of a CTO or CIO is to ensure that IT meets the needs of the business, matching the ever-changing corporate objectives.

It also has to be usable, so that everyone from salespeople to data analysts can work effectively, without technology becoming a hindrance. With this in mind, CTOs look for very specific advantages from their IT investments: increased productivity, reduced costs of doing business, and competitive advantage; all delivered with the minimum of increased overhead in the IT department.

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Client Project for Microsoft.

This paper orginally appeared on Microsoft's website, but it has also been published by PC Pro and IT PRo magazines.

Hosting: big-business IT on a small-business budget

If you’ve got a Web site, it will typically be ‘hosted’ by an Internet Service Provider, or a Web hosting company. They take care of your Web site and make sure it’s always visible. Today, a whole range of software services is available on the same basis. Rather than running software locally, installed on each PC, these software applications are accessible over the Web. Through software hosting providers, enterprise-class software solutions like Microsoft® Exchange Server (e-mail) and Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) are all accessible to small businesses.

Read more here.
Client Project for Microsoft.

Work-life balance: can technology help you to achieve this?

Is your life dominated by work? It's time perhaps to create a better work-life balance. Just think how much more you could be achieving in both your professional and personal life. Let's discuss what can be achieved. IT can help you, widening the lifestyle choices of yourself and your staff. What are your tips, and what's your story?

Read more here (PDF)
Client Project for British Telecom (BT).

Case Study: Come and Book Online, It’s Worth It!

Ferry companies have found it hard to compete against low cost airlines and Eurostar, in addition to this the rise in the cost of fuel has proved to be problematic for the industry too. Shopping trips to the continent have continued to drop following the demise of duty free shopping.

Read more here.
Client: Goss Interactive.

From the outside looking in - Brand Management / Protection

Graham Jarvis, CIMTech’s editor, writes on behalf of business2www about the potential aftershocks caused by internal and external branding, suggesting that even brand enforcement tools can assist in a brand’s value creation and its more enthusiastic adoption.

Read more here.
Client: SiteMorse.

One-to-one: Is B2B personalisation more than just someone's name?

Personalisation goes beyond just having someone's name in an email, in a website's welcome message, or in some other form of marketing communication. It's time to have a one-to-one, a tête-a-tête conversation with your customers.

Read more here.
Client: Think Smart Marketing.

Are you focused enough? Profit more with Account-Based Marketing

During recessionary times it’s important to focus your marketing investments. A scatter-gun approach to managing the sales funnel may deliver some results, but Account-Based Marketing (ABM) delivers a higher return on investment (ROI). It is also more efficient and effective, targeting the top must win accounts.

Read more here (PDF), and the ABM whitepaper.
Client: Think Smart Marketing.

Can taking a sabbatical improve your career?

Sensible employers have sent their staff on sabbaticals rather than laying them off, and that’s because they recognise the value of maintaining and developing a person’s skills. It can also give you the time out you need to gain new qualifications and experiences, or provide you with an opportunity to assess where your career stands, and where you want it to go in the future. A sabbatical is an extended break, but it’s never time wasted if you aim to really achieve something.

Read more here.
Client: AlchemyWorx for

How to have it all: advice for single parents on building a solid career

No matter how tough it is at times to be a single parent, you still have choices. Making the correct, positive choices will enable you to be successful in your own right, realising the dreams for yourself and your family. Aiming to be self-sufficient and developing a ‘can do’ attitude will boost your confidence and your chances.

Read more here.
Client: AlchemyWorx for

Quality CVs and Cover Letters Get Results

You have found a number of jobs being advertised that interest you, perhaps for the same kind of role or something similar to one you’ve already applied for. So you may be tempted to save a bit of time by using a template or the same cover letter and CV to apply for each position. Think again!

Read more here.
Client: AlchemyWorx for

Time Management: Your Future Starts Now

Employers want people who can manage their time effectively to increase their efficiency at work – whether attending an important meeting or meeting a project deadline. So if you’re looking for your next opportunity, it’s good practice to get into the habit of managing your time. Failing to put sufficient time aside to look for the next step in your career will also lead to opportunities flying past you in rapid succession.

Read more here.
Client: AlchemyWorx for

Deciding When to Change Jobs. Time to Move On?

Deciding to change jobs or careers is typically a fairly emotional decision, but it’s important to also have a rational element in your decision making process. Assess how you feel about your current position, how the experience you have gained to date has affected you, and what potential there is in your current role.

Read more here.
Client: AlchemyWorx for

The career audit: Look at yourself to find the job for you

Many of us avoid digging deep inside ourselves to analyse our strengths and weakness. It’s not an easy prospect, but a career audit based on self-analysis is an essential personal marketing tool.

Read more here.
Client: AlchemyWorx for

Don’t wait for it to happen: be proactive, self-motivated and disciplined

When you’re out of work for whatever reason it is very easy to get discouraged, particularly when you’ve received rejection letter after rejection letter. The world can seem against you. Commuting to and from the office on top of a hard, long and tiring day in front of a PC can be equally demotivating. Tiredness makes it easier to flop in front of the TV when you arrive back at home, and so it is easier and tempting to procrastinate – to leave applying for the next step in your career for another time.

Read more here.
Client: AlchemyWorx for

Turn your weaknesses into strengths

A positive attitude is important if you want to turn your weaknesses into strengths. If you sometimes think: “I can’t do that!” think again: no-one limits our ability to achieve more than ourselves. It’s important to develop a ‘can do’ attitude; one that’s open to change, self-analysis and constructive criticism. You may discover things you never knew you were capable of doing.

Read more here.
Client: AlchemyWorx for

Top Free Job Hunting Tools

Finding a new opportunity can seem like a difficult task. Don’t worry; there are some very useful tools to make the next step in your career. These great resources will help you on your way, and improve your chances of gaining your dream job:

1. Be My Interviewer. Use this interactive video tool to learn how to answer tough questions and perfect your interview technique. The panel of leading industry professionals will put you through your paces, and give you valuable practice and guidance on the best way to answer tough interview questions. This training will give you greater self-confidence for your next job interview.

Read more here.
Client: AlchemyWorx for

Redundancy: No Choice But to Leave? Your Rights Explained

Being told that your services are no longer required under any circumstances is emotionally and mentally challenging. It can feel like the ground is being swept from under you. However, you may at least be able to ask for some form of tax-free financial compensation to alleviate the financial pressures created by your redundancy. Read more here.

Gain your boss’s attention and support

Your boss is the person who can shape your future career. They have the potential to help you succeed or promote you, but also the ability to prevent you from progressing further. So this is the person you most need to impress, listen to, get to know and understand. Read more here.


5 Ways to Improve Your Chances of Getting an Interview

Securing an interview is obviously the first step towards changing your life and developing new opportunities within your career. Unfortunately finding a new job can sometimes be a daunting, perplexing and sometimes frustrating experience. Read more here.


Advice on Changing Careers

There’s no work in my chosen field… You can do more than you think! Changing careers at the best of times is a daunting prospect, particularly if you have trained and worked hard in a profession for a number of years. Realising there just aren’t enough jobs out there can be very disappointing. However, there are many opportunities – and one could even have your name on it! In fact, such opportunities may even be available on Jobsite. Read more here.


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